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During your Ayurvedic health consultation, I will take a detailed personal history and profile that covers all aspects, i.e. physical, mental/emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing or imbalance. I use pulse assessment, as well as facial and tongue diagnosis, to determine your constitution (prakruti), the state of your internal organs and tissues, as well as current imbalances (vikruti).

Once I determine the nature and root cause of your current imbalanced state, I will recommend a treatment plan aimed at restoring balance to support the body’s innate healing and self-repair mechanism. Almost always, this is in the form of:

  • Ayurvedic dietary modifications suitable to your constitution and/or imbalance (including food lists, dietary plans and recipes)
  • Teaching healthy lifestyle and stress management routines, including detoxification techniques, pranayama and/or yoga therapy
  • Herbal nutritional formulations and/or tea and spice mixtures as well as medicated oils (both Western and Ayurvedic herbs) to support the cleansing and healing process




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